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Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC) is one of the oldest in the Lee Valley area.

It was formed by several clubs coming together to jointly manage the Slipe Lane Pits in Wormley, with the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

The complex is reckoned to be the best fishery in the whole of the Lea Valley area and consists of four mixed fisheries offering something for everyone.

Extensive investment in stockings and bank work over the years has been made in the fishery to provide plenty of sport for anglers of all abilities.

The whole complex is members only, with guest tickets available to members.

The four pits surround the locked members car park.

The pits are bailiffed daily by both Club and Lea Valley Park wardens and rules must be strictly adhered to.

The whole complex is open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

A members card is issued by individual clubs for this complex showing combination lock numbers and all the rules in detail.


Membership to TAC can only be achieved by joining one of the member clubs.

Please refer to the MEMBER CLUBS page for more information.


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